The college has one of the best systems of Student Support and Progress Management. Ghanapriya Women’s College Students’ Union is one such centre. Under the supervision of Vice-President of the Union, Dr. M. Bidyasagar, HOD and Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Ghanapriya Women’s College Students’ Union succeeds in initiating value added co-curricular and student-centered activities towards transforming the physical, mental and moral strength of the students by following the College campus rules and regulations.

Members of Ghanapriya Women’s College Students’ Union, 2022-23 :

Sl. No.Name of the MemberDesignationPosition
1Hijam Romi DeviPrincipalPresident
2Dr. M. BidyasagarAssociate ProfessorVice-President
3Thongam Luchingbi ChanuStudentGeneral Secretary
4Lambalmayum Chaoba ChanuStudentFinance Secretary
5Rasheshwori MeihoubamStudentSocial & Culture Secretary
6Dr. Th. Diana DeviAssociate ProfessorTeacher in-charge
7Aheibam Dolly ChanuStudentMagazine Secretary
8Dr. Md. Baharuddin ShahAssociate ProfessorTeacher in-charge
9Koijam VelloryStudentGames & Sports Secretary
10Dr. K. Indrakumar SinghAssociate ProfessorTeacher in-charge
11Nameirakpam Simarekha ChanuStudentDebate & Extension Secretary
12Dr. Waikhom RomeshAssociate ProfessorTeacher in-charge
13Dolly ThoudamStudentGirls Common Room Secretary
14Dr. Gurumayum Deepika Assistant ProfessorTeacher in-charge

Ghanapriya Women’s College Students’ Union, 2022-23