Women’s Grievance Cell is meant to safeguard and promote the well being of all women employees and students of the college. It takes care of all complaints of the students inside the campus during college hours. It also takes care of any act of misconduct by a person in authority. The cell is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by students and staff of the college.

Objectives :

  • The Cell shall process all the individual complaints and take appropriate action.
  • To organise awareness programmes on gender issues from time to time.
  • To provide a platform for listening to any complaint put up by the students.
  • Any redressal action would be taken up in consultation with the higher authority.
  • The Cell may form/review the guidelines/policies for redressal of the grievance as required from time to time, which may be in accordance with those issues by government agencies.

Committee Members :

Sl. No.Name of the MemberDesignationPosition
1Hijam Romi DeviPrincipalChairperson
2Prof. Padmabati KhundrakpamProfessorCoordinator
3Dr. Jaya ThoidingjamAssociate ProfessorMember
4Dr. Sobhana LaishramAssociate ProfessorMember
5Dr. Thokchom Diana DeviAssociate ProfessorMember
6Dr. Silvia LisamAssociate ProfessorMember
7Dr. Chingriyo RaihingAssociate ProfessorMember
8Dr. Somishon KeishingAssociate ProfessorMember

Grievance Redressal Procedure:

  • Any women employee or female student will have the right to lodge a complaint concerning any kind of harassment.
  • The Chairperson will transfer the complaint to the Women Grievance Cell.
  • The Coordinator will convene a meeting on the matter for further necessary action.
  • The complaint will stand dropped if the committee after an enquiry is not able to prove prima-facie an
    offence of harassment.
  • Any irrational complaint lodged shall be viewed seriously by the Cell. And, it shall have the right to
    decide upon the course of action thereafter.

From L-R – Dr. Somishon K, Dr. Silvia L, Dr. Sobhana L, Dr. Padmabati Kh., Dr. Jaya Th. and Th. Diana